Wednesday, December 22, 2010

.Thank You D.

It’s true..Since you and P isn’t around, I have no more broken Speaker..hahaa..Both of you never make me bored and annoyed.  I heard P dah boleh control her mouth.  A sensitive person is anywhere. Sad kan. She needs someone to listen her and giving the feedback.

Came to your room when I’m hungry is the best moment. Masak-masak, gossip, talked about exercises, healthy food. I miss all that!

H to give ceramah Islamic at me yang nice to listen..Now, I need to go surau or masjid if I want to  cari kemanisan iman…*itu pon kalau I rajin…I pon nak berubah jugak kan…

I Print Screen...Sorry.

Yes! I must to meet D, P, and H.

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