Monday, December 27, 2010


At last, I got hang out with you guys.  Usually, I can’t because terikat dengan kerja part time..*konon la kan…I hate to be that girl*…lucky I get much free time so that I’m free..yehaaaa…always missed everything at last time….just something messing my mind when M  was not full when I really need it..urghhh..

By the way, thanks for the advance birthday party..Farhana, Siti Aminah, Ct hamimah, Zyqa, and Elina,…you guys make my day..

Terharu giler…patutla asyik main sorok-sorok and lari-lari je…so funny la you guys ni…very suit with our name…GBS (Geng Bas Sekolah) hahaha..weird!...even though, I’m not your school mate but you guys treat me like…we know each other for a long time…Farhana is my classmate in UiTM Perak and Siti Aminah my class mate in Puncak Alam..and the rest at different University..But they were know since in their secondary school… with you guys kan I rase macam betul-betul di zaman kanak-kanak..*penat tau I mix and match kan baju I bagi nampak kelakar but look sopan..Certain my friends critic the way me dress up when they look at my pictures in GBS album at my FB..Whatever. I know what I’m have to putting yourself in any situation and must feel it. I tak buat Maksiat pon..Tak kan la I nak bajet ayu and be formal for every time. Kalau nak cakap I tak matang,,,you and you..matang sangat ke?..haha..renung-renungkan lar…pesanan dari Prof. ezy yang kat HOT fm tu…Smile…^_^

See you for next outing!

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